Beauty and the Beast- movie review!

If you follow me on Snapchat, you have probably noticed Anthony and I frequent the movies on a weekly basis, typically on Tuesday. I love our weekly movie date night! I personally would much rather watch a movie in the theater and the perks of being a “diamond” Regal Crown Club member aren’t too bad either. Enough about date night, let’s get to the review.

I grew up the ultimate Disney princess fan, there was never the question of if I was going to see this movie in the theater. The graphics were magical, there were many heart racing climaxes that left you wondering what will happen next, and lots of singing! When the movie broke out into song after five minutes, I instantly thought, Anthony is not going to enjoy this. Musicals can be a bit over the top, Disney did a good job of making this flow into sequence, but the singing dragged the movie on. Overall, I enjoyed  the recreation of Beauty and the Beast. This movie by far surpassed my expectations. However, I don’t remember Gaston being as annoying of a character when I was five. He certainly had my eyes rolling in the could he get anymore obnoxious kind of way.  While I did catch Anthony snoozing a few times, he said he liked the movie. (Let’s give him a break, we went to the 9:15 pm showing)