what happens in vegas

IMG_729u1Anthony and I took a trip to Vegas to celebrate Alyse and Logan’s wedding! Destination weddings are so much fun. When we arrived in Vegas, we headed out to the strip with friends and stopped to get champagne and beer to drink while we walked around. Little did we know, open glass containers are not allowed on the strip. I literally just popped open the bottle of champagne before a police officer informed us of this rule. I asked him, could we pour the champagne into beer cans as opposed to throwing away a brand new bottle. He said sure! Quickly the guys began chugging beer so we could use the empty beer cans for the champagne. No alcohol was left behind.

The next day, Anthony took me to my first Vegas buffet. If you know me, you know I am not about a buffet. You have no¬†clue how long the food has been sitting there or if someone accidentally touched the food you are about to consume, but Anthony had me sold on this idea when he said they have all you can drink mimosa’s. The brunch buffet tasted better than I expected and I saw staff members refilling certain trays of food often. Would I go back? Maybe.