The REAL Dave Chappelle live- Review

The security to go into a Dave Chapelle comedy show was tighter than a sporting event and the line to get in was the longest line I have ever stood in when I actually had a ticket! I was mind blown. Anthony had warned me, but experiencing this was insane. In 2017 they restricted you from bringing a cell phone inside! (whaaaat) If you didn’t leave your phone in the car, and admitted you had it on you, they locked your phone in a bag that was not unlocked until the show ended. And for the sneaky folks, who lied when they asked if you had a phone with you, I sure hope temptation to check your messages or take a picture did not overcome you, because if you were caught, you were immediately ejected from the show!

Aside from the strict rules, Dave had 3 openers who gave us some good laughs. Mohammed was my favorite. The DJ kept the show going and put together a small dance party before Dave came on stage. The dance party was really fun! If you want to laugh until it hurts, you need to go to  Dave Chappelle comedy show!