the KEYS to my heart

IMG_7272Anthony and I recently spent a few days in Florida with his family. We flew into Fort Lauderdale, and spent the morning at the Everglades Holiday Park. We enjoyed the air boat tour, but only were able to see a few gators. That night we stayed in the most beautiful hotel, The Diplomat in Hollywood, Florida. I think I could have taken a vacation just to this hotel! They offered paddle boarding, kayaking, yoga on the beach, had three huge swimming pools and were perfectly located on the beach! I loved the bath tub in the hotel suite and had the most relaxing night before heading out to The Keys the next morning.

In Islamorada, we went Deep Sea Fishing with Captain Brian and Gaylon from Robbie’s. This was my first time fishing and I caught a fish the first time I threw in a line! It was pretty cool, I enjoyed fishing! I loved having a private charter because they helped with the dirty work. Anthony reeled in a shark which was pretty exciting. While the shark was cut from the hook, he was not harmed and we released him back into the ocean. We took the fish big enough to be eaten to Lazy Days, a really cool restaurant on the beach, who cooked the fish for Paula, Rob and Anthony’s lunch. It looked delicious, but I enjoyed pasta- fish are friends, not food.

While in Key West we enjoyed walking around the shops, the famous Key West Sunset, taking a picture at the Southern Most Point and drinking coconut water from a coconut!

Anthony and I had a great time in Florida and will most definitely be back!





Londons calling


Going into the trip, I was most excited to take a ride in a London taxi cab and be able to communicate in English with the locals, but London by far was my favorite place in Europe we have visited.

Anthony’s family and I had a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory themed Tea Party which was so fun. We visited the London Eye, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace and the Ice Bar. We were able to see a play, Wicked, which was really cool.

On our way into London, we took a train and met some very nice locals who were such kind hostess’ buying everyone drinks at the train bar. This was definitely a fun welcoming experience.

While in London, I was able to tour the Harry Potter Warner Bros studio with Paula and Taylor which was amazing! Any Harry Potter fan NEEDS to go on this tour while in London!

It was louvre at first site

IMG_7283Anthony and I visited Paris with his family in September of 2016. We started off the vacation, eating in the dark at a restaurant served by blind people, where you are not even able to pick your own meal! FUN- I am not adventurous with food and quite honestly moved most of my meal onto Anthony’s plate, but this was a fun way to get to know everyone. I was meeting his step mom and sisters for the first time and we covered a lot of topics during our first meal and hour together, let’s just say we got to know each other well over dinner.

While in Paris, we visited the Louvre, the Love Lock Bridge, the Eiffel tower, and spent a day touring the Champagne region and wineries! We treated ourselves at Louis Vuitton and I tried my first macaroon. There was definitely a language barrier in Paris and the food was a little out there for me, but I enjoyed our time here!


Disney land 1st timer!

IMG_6671Shockingly my first experience at a Disney park was the Paris Disneyland at 23 years old, but I loved every minute of it! I visited the park with Anthony’s family and when we first arrived we picked up a “first time visitor” badge before proceeding to shop for tee shirts and ears to wear that day. After Paula, Melissa, Taylor and I were ready, the fun began! I loved the “It’s a Small World attraction,” as well as “The Tower of Terror.” I am looking forward to visiting the rest of the Disney parks.


Venice: so hot right now


Venice was brutally warm for the clothing we packed and to our surprise, there are no air conditioners in Europe! I had the bright idea of taking a shower before going to sleep and leaving the windows open to cool. The next morning Anthony and I woke up to mosquito bites all over us, unfortunately this was a bad idea.

Anthony and I went on a gondola ride and had a romantic dinner by the water. We got a good laugh out of a restaurant employee feeding bread to the fish while calling them “my fish.” We took a water taxi from the airport to the hotel which was fun and Anthony got a good laugh out of me asking what flavor the “lemon slush was.” I just wanted a sample before buying my own…

When in Rome….


we took the meaning of when in Rome to a new level. Anthony and I saw every tourist attract during our stay. The Colosseum and Trevi fountain were our favorites.Pretty much every one in Rome drives a Mercedes, so when our first Uber arrived when had to double-check to make sure we didn’t ask for Uber Lux! During our tour of the Colosseum, Anthony and I lost the group we were with and ended up having to do our own thing. Later that evening we met up with our friend, Blake, and spent the rest of the night drinking wine, eating pizza and catching up.

Fun story: we came across a building that I *thought* was the Pantheon so excitedly I am like, “Anthony, let’s get a picture with the Pantheon!” Anthony takes the photo with me, but questions if it really is the Pantheon. While questioning the building, others were stopping to take photos of the “Pantheon.” After a quick google search, Anthony found out we were not at the actual Pantheon quite yet! I wonder how many tourists left Rome only visiting the “fake Patheon”…

windy city- Chicago

IMG_7285Chicago was the first trip out-of-state Anthony and I took together. We visited Chicago for Anthony’s 27th birthday in January of 2016, but we still think about Au Cheval’s burgers to date. Chicago was very windy and very cold, but we trekked through the windy city and were able to see the bean, the Navy Pier, the Magnificent Mile, and the Lincoln Park Zoo. We met up with some friends, experienced the Sky Deck, had a mishap at the bar when I forgot my purse (uh oh) and closed down the bar late enough to catch tamale sales from the locals. One of my favorite part of the trip was laying in bed eating leftover red velvet tin cake, laughing at the sketch of Anthony drawn of him that similarly looked like a monkey! We survived our first trip together and as you can see, we have gone on many more since.