Life: Movie Review

Last Tuesday, Anthony and I saw the new movie, Life. Anthony enjoyed the movie, I thought it was a little too sci-fi for my liking. The graphics were really cool, but I felt the story line took a long time to get going and the movie was focused on one ugly little creature- Calvin.

The movie makes you want to experience life in outer space for about a day. How cool would it be to be weight less and float everywhere?!

But overall this movie was actually really sad, the characters had to cope with a lot of loss. I think the director staged the ending for a sequel, I may or may not be watching the sequel in theaters. Stay tuned!


Couple’s Massagahhh

Anthony and I had our first couples massage over the weekend. The best part of the experience was being able to get a massage together, the worst part of the experience was laying there knowing Anthony got a way better massage!

Anthony’s massage therapist definitely did a full body massage. He was glowing! I could hear the therapist make comments about different areas on his back she was working on. My therapist on the other hand, spent the whole hour massaging my head and arms! I was about to make a comment asking him to stop massaging my head, but I did not want to be rude with Anthony laying right there!

Before the massage my therapist and I spoke about how my lower back often hurts- I sit at a desk for the majority of the day and lift heavy weights at the gym. Based on this conversation, I just assumed at some point he was going to focus on massaing my back!  But we “ran out of time.”

While my massage was not as marvelous as I was hoping for, we will definitely be getting more couples massages together…just at another spa! Was it my fault for not speaking up or should the therapist have followed my chart and direction from our conversation?! You tell me!

The Worst Experience Ever with XPO Freight & Amazon!

Last week XPO was supposed to deliver a large item we purchased from Amazon. Unfortunately for Anthony and I the driver forged a delivery. He did not call to notify either of us that he was on the way to deliver our new mattress. I spent all afternoon sitting at home refreshing the Amazon order tracker and much to my surprise see a notification that said “delivery attempt.”

I immediately called Amazon who put me in touch with XPO. The man I spoke to confirmed that the delivery driver had left the “area” 10 MINUTES ago. I said, “well he never should up.” The man from XPO (Tyler) said that the delivery driver took pictures of him at the apartment complex so it looked like he attempted a delivery. I AM LIVID!

Tyler claims the driver could not turn his truck around at 3:30 pm on a Saturday afternoon, when the delivery time frame was 3-6 PM. I called Amazon back to voice my frustrations. This was a scheduled delivery. We chose that time slot. I wasted a whole day waiting on this delivery man and unfortunately the Queen size bed frame arrived that morning which meant Anthony and I had to sleep on the floor until they re-delivered.

While Amazon was very considerate, the fact they trust XPO with their products is mind-blowing!

I called XPO again at 5 pm to figure out what the next steps would be. Another man explained that we would have to wait for the mattress to be checked back into inventory on Monday before they would attempt to schedule re-delivery.

XPO finally delivered our new mattress Wednesday. Anthony and I had four long nights sleeping on the floor due to an inconsiderate delivery driver. Never again will I trust XPO with a delivery!


Beauty and the Beast- movie review!

If you follow me on Snapchat, you have probably noticed Anthony and I frequent the movies on a weekly basis, typically on Tuesday. I love our weekly movie date night! I personally would much rather watch a movie in the theater and the perks of being a “diamond” Regal Crown Club member aren’t too bad either. Enough about date night, let’s get to the review.

I grew up the ultimate Disney princess fan, there was never the question of if I was going to see this movie in the theater. The graphics were magical, there were many heart racing climaxes that left you wondering what will happen next, and lots of singing! When the movie broke out into song after five minutes, I instantly thought, Anthony is not going to enjoy this. Musicals can be a bit over the top, Disney did a good job of making this flow into sequence, but the singing dragged the movie on. Overall, I enjoyed  the recreation of Beauty and the Beast. This movie by far surpassed my expectations. However, I don’t remember Gaston being as annoying of a character when I was five. He certainly had my eyes rolling in the could he get anymore obnoxious kind of way.  While I did catch Anthony snoozing a few times, he said he liked the movie. (Let’s give him a break, we went to the 9:15 pm showing)



The REAL Dave Chappelle live- Review

The security to go into a Dave Chapelle comedy show was tighter than a sporting event and the line to get in was the longest line I have ever stood in when I actually had a ticket! I was mind blown. Anthony had warned me, but experiencing this was insane. In 2017 they restricted you from bringing a cell phone inside! (whaaaat) If you didn’t leave your phone in the car, and admitted you had it on you, they locked your phone in a bag that was not unlocked until the show ended. And for the sneaky folks, who lied when they asked if you had a phone with you, I sure hope temptation to check your messages or take a picture did not overcome you, because if you were caught, you were immediately ejected from the show!

Aside from the strict rules, Dave had 3 openers who gave us some good laughs. Mohammed was my favorite. The DJ kept the show going and put together a small dance party before Dave came on stage. The dance party was really fun! If you want to laugh until it hurts, you need to go to  Dave Chappelle comedy show!

Stonehenge: Enough said.

IMG_7280In the wee hours of the morning Anthony’s family and I took a bus from London, England to Lacock, Bathe and Wiltshire, England to further explore this beautiful country. The Stonehenge was so amazing, there is no question why it is one of the wonders of the world! While we have bright smiles in this picture, we were actually freezing our butts off. England is much cooler in September than we were expecting.

what happens in vegas

IMG_729u1Anthony and I took a trip to Vegas to celebrate Alyse and Logan’s wedding! Destination weddings are so much fun. When we arrived in Vegas, we headed out to the strip with friends and stopped to get champagne and beer to drink while we walked around. Little did we know, open glass containers are not allowed on the strip. I literally just popped open the bottle of champagne before a police officer informed us of this rule. I asked him, could we pour the champagne into beer cans as opposed to throwing away a brand new bottle. He said sure! Quickly the guys began chugging beer so we could use the empty beer cans for the champagne. No alcohol was left behind.

The next day, Anthony took me to my first Vegas buffet. If you know me, you know I am not about a buffet. You have no clue how long the food has been sitting there or if someone accidentally touched the food you are about to consume, but Anthony had me sold on this idea when he said they have all you can drink mimosa’s. The brunch buffet tasted better than I expected and I saw staff members refilling certain trays of food often. Would I go back? Maybe.