When in Rome….


we took the meaning of when in Rome to a new level. Anthony and I saw every tourist attract during our stay. The Colosseum and Trevi fountain were our favorites.Pretty much every one in Rome drives a Mercedes, so when our first Uber arrived when had to double-check to make sure we didn’t ask for Uber Lux! During our tour of the Colosseum, Anthony and I lost the group we were with and ended up having to do our own thing. Later that evening we met up with our friend, Blake, and spent the rest of the night drinking wine, eating pizza and catching up.

Fun story: we came across a building that I *thought* was the Pantheon so excitedly I am like, “Anthony, let’s get a picture with the Pantheon!” Anthony takes the photo with me, but questions if it really is the Pantheon. While questioning the building, others were stopping to take photos of the “Pantheon.” After a quick google search, Anthony found out we were not at the actual Pantheon quite yet! I wonder how many tourists left Rome only visiting the “fake Patheon”…


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