Aruba, Jamaica, oooh I want to take you to Bermuda, BAHAMA

we love island time and the Bahamas sure treated Anthony well! This past January Anthony and I went on a quick cruise to the Bahamas! While we were getting ready to head to the airport at 4 AM to take a flight to Miami, I received a text from American Airlines saying our 6 AM flight has been delayed to 12 noon. I immediately freaked out so naturally Anthony freaked out! We HAD to be at the cruise port by 3 PM in order to get on the cruise ship. First, I called Carnival cruise and explained the situation, the agent basically said sorry, nothing they can do because we did not purchase the flight through them. Anthony and I decided to head to the airport anyways. While Anthony was driving, I was on the phone with American Airlines, explained the situation and the agent kindly booked us on a 6 AM flight from Austin to Dallas to Miami. I asked the agent why was there such a long delay, she told me they were doing maintenance on the plane… (eye rolling emoji)

Now that we had the piece of mind we will make it to the port on time, we proceeded through airport security and grabbed some breakfast before heading to our gate.

When we arrived in Miami, we did “Airport check in” for the cruise ship. BEST THING EVER! This took less than 5 minutes and when we arrived at the cruise port we were able to skip all the lines!

Anthony and I had a blast on the cruise. He gambled and won lots of money! We  went snorkeling, hung out on the beach, visited Atlantis, ate the best jerk chicken, met some cool people, and caught up on some R&R.

Next time we visit the Bahamas, it will be to see the swimming pigs!


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